Purchase Powerstove Standard VER carbon credits to offset your personal or business CO₂ emissions

  • Powerstove is an IOT Enabled efficient Clean Cookstove that Generates Electricity.
  • We leverage our carbon offsets to develop additional local sales and distribution channels to reach even more households.
  • One powerstove reduces greenhouse emissions by up to 4.46 tons of CO₂ per annum and is equal to taking 2 cars off the road.
  • By purchasing our Powerstove carbon offsets,supports the design of a new generation of biomass, hybrid, and electric cookstoves.

Purchase Powerstove Carbon Offsets

  • Each Powerstove Carbon Offset equals one ton of CO₂ emissions.

Please contact us directly for discounted pricing on volumes above 500 tons.

Not sure how many offsets to purchase? The average per capita emissions in the USA are 11 tons of CO2 per year. You can also use the below calculator to estimate emissions from your flights and offset them here:


Flight Emissions Calculator


    • Distance (each way): 2,583 miles or 4,156 km
    • Round-trip emissions per passenger: 1.5 metric tons CO2 equivalent

Sustainable Development Goals

Clean Cooking is a key driver of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) success. The use of open fires and solid fuels for cooking is one of the world’s most pressing health and environmental problems, directly impacting close to half the world’s population and causing nearly 4 million premature deaths each year. ​

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The use of Powerstove contributes to significant saving of time and money (both for cooking and fuel procurement)

Time savings can be used for other income-generating activities or for growing foods (like maize, potatoes, beans, etc).

Powers contributes to the reduction of indoor air pollution (smoke, particulate matter, and carbon monoxide), resulting in a decrease in respiratory diseases, headaches, and itchy eyes.

Powerstove cooks faster than traditional stoves and uses less fuel, enabling children, particularly girls, to dedicate more time to education/school, instead of cooking.

Women are mostly responsible for cooking and procuring fuel. Using a more efficient cookstove allows them to spend their time on more productive tasks as well as education.

More than 800,000+ households benefit from BURN’s super fuel-efficient biomass appliances in East Africa.

Powerstoves local manufacturing facility in Abuja, Nigeria employs more than 400 people.

Powerstove is very efficient, clean and smokeless cooking stove, that contribute to improved kitchen and living conditions in cities and communities.

Powerstove reduces greenhouse gas emissions by up to 4.46 tons of CO2 per annum and therefore helps to combat climate change.