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IOT Enabled efficient Clean Cookstove that Generates Electricity.


Sharing the idea of Powerstove with the Vice President of Nigeria in Abuja.

Who We Are

Powerstove has participated in some Competitions and won some Awards. These awards include Powerstove and more.
Key Futures of Powerstove includes

With a strong fire, Powerstove produces 50 watts of continuous power, enough to charge phones, lights, camera and more. Surplus electricity is stored in the Lithium ion battery so that users can charge devices via USB in real time whenever they need it; even when the fire is off.

Stainless steel-built burn chamber burns biomass like wood pellets, charcoal, sticks, or twigs and reaches 1000 degrees in less than 3 minutes, hence gasifies to cook foods 5x faster than any traditional stove.

Powerstove precision airflow system kicks in and inject the fire with right amount of oxygen through the 85 jets located inside the burn chamber, enabling the complete combustion of the fuel. With its built-in battery and four-speed fan, the fan regulator allows users to control the temperature while cooking. With improved airflow, Powerstove is using up every particle, giving user a cleaner, and better flames to cook their meals and charge their phones.

Powerstove IoT System is a computer with internal pre-programmed and programmable computer chips that controls the fan, electricity supply, and also data transfers over 2G/3G network by using input sensors and output components to control all these functions. Powerstove is currently the world’s first and only clean cookstove to achieve built-in IoT System technological feat

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Our Special Team

Esse, Okey

Esse, Okey

Founder & CEO
Peace Adejoh

Peace Adejoh

Chief Finacial Officer
AbdulBasit Mamman

AbdulBasit Mamman

Chief Technical Officer
Esse Glory

Esse Glory

Head - Marketing & Finance


Moumaife John

Without Pay-As-You-Cook financing offer by powerstove, it will be difficult for me to purchase the stove. No more sending my girls to go for Firewood.

Olude Ademola

Combing Cookstove and fuel, has helped me exceed my sales targets since i signed up as a distributor of powerstove and Goodlife Biomass Pellets. Most families i market the innovations, wants to buy for their household.

Mrs. Charity Amara

In the past 6months Hike in charcoal makes me spend N400 daily to cook for my family. But since i started powerstove, I am now spending N100 daily on Goodlife Biomass Pellets. No more smoke and blackened pots.

Joyce Danjuma

I love it when i can Continue to charge my phones while cooking with Powerstove and at the same time saving money on Charcoal.

Ugwunwa Ebi Okere

In 3months i have used Powerstove, i have saved N27,000 on cooking fuel,which has helped me to pay for Children's school fees.

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